What No One Tells You About Industrial Automation Marketing (Part 6): SEO and Content Marketing

What Is Content, and Why Is It So Important?

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • On-page website text, images, and videos
  • Infographics
  • Case studies, customer reviews, and star ratings
  • Customer-created videos and testimonials
  • Everything else you create for your business
  • Take the best (or most interesting) quotes from the article and put them in your next email campaign.
  • If you have any interesting facts or figures in the article, why not make an infographic out of them to share on social? You don’t need to be an artist-just get yourself a tool like Canva for about $12, and you can do it easily!
  • Find someone in your company-preferably with a great personality or on-camera presence-to make a quick introduction video about the article. Then you can put that video on social or your YouTube channel (you do have a YouTube channel, right?), and drive even more traffic to the blog post.
  • Are there any quotes from customers in there? Why not contact them again, and see if you can’t make a whole new case study? If people were interested in what these customers had to say, give them space to say even more!

“But This Is Industrial Automation! How Can It NOT Be Boring?”

  • Answer questions people are actually asking about your industry niche
  • Have a personality while you do it

What Is SEO?

  • While I am certified and have done paid search previously, I am by no means an expert in it. That’s my weakest channel, honestly-so I’m not the one to come to for advice on this.
  • The last time we’ve checked, we simply did not see enough search volume around relevant keywords to justify running paid search ads in the markets we would most likely see sales-so we do not currently run them.

Modern SEO Is NOT About Keywords

Fix Your Website

Create Quality User Website Experiences

Backlinks: Get Them…Somehow

And More!

That’s It!



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