What No One Tells You About Industrial Automation Marketing (Part 3): Email Marketing

You Send Too Much Email

Your Emails Are Terrible

List Sizes: Who Cares?

  • Facebook lead ads are highly effective, especially if you have a good clean email list you can upload into the system and use to build a lookalike audience. We’ll get more into lookalike audiences in our social media article, but this is a great start. They’re not free, but neither are the garbage lists you get from rental or purchase services-and with lookalike audiences, the people who sign up here are actively saying they want your emails.
  • Put product-specific and/or area-specific sign-up forms on your website. I don’t mean a single generic “HEY! SIGN UP HERE AND GET EVERYTHING WE SEND ABOUT EVERYTHING!” list. The less specific you are with what you send, the more likely people are to unsubscribe or mark you as spam.
  • Offer exclusive discounts/content only for people who sign up for your list. Sure, you’ll get some churn from people who only wanted the one discount from you. But really-if that’s all they wanted, that’s all they’re really good for, so what would be the point of keeping them on a list anyway?

Things to Remember

  • Split testing. You should be doing this for every single email. Never have just one version of a message that goes out because you never know what’s going to play better until you try. Remember, if you’re not testing, you’re guessing.
  • Tracking and reporting. Understand how tracking in your email ecosystem works. Some platforms put UTM codes in your links automatically, and others don’t. Make sure you know how yours works so you can get the best results.
  • Personalization and segmentation. Emails must be targeted properly with segments. The messages themselves should be personalized to the individual user. Different tools do this in different ways, so make sure you know how to use yours-and test before you send to your database to make sure it’s working. Nobody likes seeing “Hello, {Fname}!” when they open an email.
  • Email is not “free.” Sure, you’ve already bought the email marketing platform, but you still have to pay your employees for the time it takes to make the messages. Let’s not even get in to the time that email creation leeches away from other tasks. There are only so many hours in a day, and as we all know, time is money. If your email program isn’t getting the results you want or isn’t up to par, you are throwing money down the drain with every bad message sent.



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