What No One Tells You About Industrial Automation Marketing (Part 1)

  • Write up a jargon-filled technical whitepaper to use as a lead magnet and drop it on your completely self-promotional and robotic-sounding LinkedIn page. You’ll add more unfortunate souls to your email list so you can send them a ton of spam they don’t really want, full of things they probably won’t buy.
  • Don’t forget to write your sixteenth email of this week about one of your products! Double points if it’s poorly formatted, not personalized, and just a wall of plain text.
  • Have you bought a list that’s several years out-of-date from a vendor at a trade show? Nobody wins without buying email lists!
  • Have you written a bunch of press releases about minor updates to your products? The public at large is just waiting for those with bated breath, you know!
  • We can’t forget social media! It’s where the kids go to “snap the faces” or something like that, right? Not us! We’re far too important to be anywhere except LinkedIn-and we absolutely have to be as “professional” as possible there. How else will people understand we’re a serious company if we don’t sound stuffy and dry?
  • Increased our social media presence across all channels (even some that “accepted knowledge” would insist wouldn’t be a good fit for us) and increased traffic by more than 1000%
  • Cleaned up our email methods and lists, which has drastically increased our deliverability, clicks, and conversions while decreasing our bounces, unsubscribes, and spam complaints
  • Optimized our blog, website, and landing pages for organic search engines for increased findability and conversions using SEO and content marketing strategies
  • Built our brand with new brand voice tests, awareness campaigns, and video marketing
  • Expanded into new, modern methods of marketing and advertising that most automation companies wouldn’t even touch, such as audio and CTV advertising



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International Society of Automation - ISA Official


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