Improving Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity Through the ISAGCA

At this moment, we as a society are witnessing how crucial supply chains, manufacturing, and critical infrastructure are to the smooth running of modern civilization. The global pandemic crystallizes the importance of critical infrastructure to everyday citizens, who, in the past, may have taken for granted what it takes to keep consumer goods hitting store shelves or ample medical equipment humming in hospitals. But those of us who work in the industrial world have long understood the role our critical infrastructure plays in maintaining civil health and safety, both in times of crisis and in calm.

This is why the International Society of Automation (ISA) has taken such a keen interest in helping all of us stakeholders in industrial control systems to improve the state of our cybersecurity for operational technology (OT). Cybersecurity awareness and readiness plays a vital role in the sustainability and resilience of critical infrastructure environments. Last year, ISA started the ISA Global Security Alliance (ISAGCA), intending to raise the bar on OT cybersecurity.

With the help of founding member companies from across the industrial control systems ecosystem, including vendors, end-users, systems integrators, solution providers, and cybersecurity companies like the one I work for (Dragos), ISAGCA is making OT cybersecurity progress on many important fronts. This post is the start of a blog series on the major topics the ISAGCA has undertaken in 2020. The next post will address the traditional information technology (IT) person’s perspective as they are immersed into an OT environment. Finally, we will cover the objectives of IT and OT cybersecurity. We will discuss where they intersect, tools they might use, what collaboration looks like, and most importantly, what IT/OT convergence really means.

Here’s how the ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance plans to make a difference in 2020 and beyond:

Fostering Collaboration

Developing and Revising Standards

Sharing Knowledge

Building Awareness

As we move ahead in 2020, consider looking here at the ISAGCA blog for more educational blogs to learn how to get started advancing OT cybersecurity. As we said previously, this is just the first blog in a series. Stay tuned for plenty of essential pointers in the months to come.

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