Common ICS Cybersecurity Myths: Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned from Recent Attacks and Industry Surveys

Major Trends in ICS Cybersecurity

  • ICS cyberattacks involving cyber criminals, hacktivists, and nation states are on the rise
  • Most organizations recognize risks to their ICS and are taking numerous initiatives to address these risks
  • The ICS cyber workforce/skills gap is widening
  • Governments are declaring cyber as a national security threat, and enacting more laws and regulations (NERC CIP, NIS Directive, CFATS, Nuclear, etc.)

Final Thoughts

Goodbye Air-Gapped Networks: Embracing Digitalization and Taking Back Control of ICS by Being Cyber Resilient

Hopefully, the facts and data presented in this blog series will help in cracking a false sense of security created by age-old beliefs and myths, and expose the ground reality of ICS cybersecurity.

Suggested Reading for ICS Cybersecurity

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