Are Autonomous Vehicles the Answer to Road Safety?

How Autonomous Vehicles Work

  • V2V stands for vehicle-to-vehicle, and refers to short-range communication technology that will allow cars to communicate with one another. This tech is designed to reduce road incidents by sharing information such as the speed of the surrounding vehicles.
  • V2I stands for vehicle-to-infrastructure, where the infrastructure in question refers to overhead RFID readers, streetlights, traffic lights, and signage. These data collection points will gather detail on traffic conditions, weather, and potential roadblocks in order to transmit these to vehicles on the road.
  • V2X stands for vehicle-to-everything, and essentially encompasses V2V and V2I systems. According to the Verizon report, creating V2X systems can also help facilitate toll payments.

The Public Safety Benefits of Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles as Part of a System-Wide Solution

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