Misconceptions about ICS/OT cybersecurity are stubborn. This “mythbusting” blog series dispels five common myths related to ICS cybersecurity. Catch up on previous entries if you’re interested:

Now, let’s look back at this series with a few parting thoughts on the state of ICS cybersecurity today.

Lessons Learned from Recent Attacks and Industry Surveys

Major Trends in ICS Cybersecurity

  • ICS cyberattacks involving cyber criminals…

Operational teams running industrial systems rely on remote access devices to do their jobs and rarely think about the non-technical and non-commercial considerations when buying. But recent history is telling us that where the device-and even components within the device-come from matters much more than we recognize.

Supply Chain Attacks Are Serious

A supply chain…

Enhancing ICS Cybersecurity in the Software Development Lifecycle

Key Takeaways

Open source software (OSS) is frequently integrated into industrial control systems (ICS) and critical infrastructure as business owners pursue greater interoperability, portability, and interchangeability. While tapping into the benefits of open source software, cybersecurity considerations are imperative, since availability and reliability is paramount for industrial control systems. Ensuring high-quality code

The term “digitalization” (or the phrase “digital transformation”) has different meaning as applied to different industries. For production facilities, even before the onset of the “digitalization” revolution, the automation segment drove the adoption of advanced technologies. Today, the automation segment naturally finds itself at the center of the whole discussion.

International Society of Automation - ISA Official

The International Society of Automation (isa.org) is a non-profit professional association founded in 1945 to create a better world through automation.

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