A Google search for “cybersecurity” returns 129 million results. A sizable amount of that content addresses the sub-type that we call automation cybersecurity, an umbrella term that covers-non-exclusively-industrial cybersecurity, OT cybersecurity, ICS cybersecurity, IoT cybersecurity, and the cybersecurity of building automation systems.

Automation cybersecurity is still somewhat more niche than IT cybersecurity. Like most niche topics, however, there are thousands of sources that deal with it in depth, and the quality varies. Unless reading is your only job, you may not be inclined to keep up with new developments minute-by-minute.

So we’re going to help We looked for relevant articles published in cut through the noise this month. July 2020 that you might find newsworthy, useful, or interesting. Here’s a sample of current news and thought leadership that affects the world of automation cybersecurity right now. Let us know what you think in the comments.

1. ZDNet: “This Is How EKANS Ransomware Is Targeting Industrial Control Systems.”

Both EKANS samples seem to have been designed to carefully select their target companies before encrypting files and showing the victim a ransom note. The most recent sample, obtained in June, is also capable of turning off host firewalls -potentially causing massive disruption in an industrial setting.

2. Kaspersky: “Industrial Cyberattacks Are On the Rise. Technology and Your People Can Stop Them.”

This article appeared in Secure Futures Magazine, an online offering from the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs.

3. Security Boulevard: “Remote Work Pushes Brute-Force Attacks Higher.”

Ransomware gangs have used attacks on RDP as a common tactic over the last few years. A study conducted more recently, however, found the highest concentrations of targeted IP addresses in Russia, Germany, and Japan.

4. Security Info Watch: “Emerging Market: Smart Cities.”

“Integrators willing to make the investment to train and develop technicians to become proficient in the converged environment as well as IT/IoT/OT infrastructure awareness will have the potential to reap the rewards when it comes to the Smart Cities vertical,” the article says.

5. SC Magazine: “Mounting IIoT Cyber Risks Must Be Addressed Now to Prevent Catastrophe.”

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